Full Set of Seven Blends

Full Set of Seven Blends

10ml Roller Ball Blends with Information Cards

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The full set of seven blends includes the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Base oil blends along with an information card for each blend.

You may also like to order a Selenite Plate (as shown in the picture), for standing your set of Unity Blends on.  This crystal is known as the gemstone of purification and will keep the crystals in each of your blends cleansed and charged continually.


Essential Oil Safety

These oils are blended for external use only - please avoid contact with the eyes, inside of nose and ears.

The Sacral Blend includes Orange essential oil - citrus oil increases the sensitivity to UV light so exposure to the sun should be avoided for 12 hours after application to exposed areas.

All blends have been diluted in fractionated coconut and jojoba oils and are safe to use directly onto the skin, but please be aware that there are oils that are not recommended for certain conditions.  Please seek further advice to meet your specific needs and for any concerns you may have regarding safe use of essential oil usage.